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Egyptian Hieroglyphics – Deities

By Deniart Systems

Denise Koehler
Deniart Systems
Give your documents a sense of history. The study of the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics has been an ongoing fascination by scholars and Egyptology buffs for literally centuries. The discovery of the Rosetta stone in 1799 provided an incredible breakthrough in deciphering the hieroglyphs, however there continues to be conflicting opinions on the literal translation of both the phonetic and ideographic symbols. As such, the interpretation provided in this manual represents an assembly of the most popular transcriptions. This series contains 62 assorted gods and deities as well as a few well known kings or pharaoh's from the New Dynasty. It is important to note that most of the gods and deities were represented in many different forms throughout the centuries and regions of Ancient Egypt, and these are but some of these representations. NOTE: this font comes with an interpretation guide in pdf format.