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By Device Fonts

Licenses for desktop fonts

A typical desktop font EULA will allow you to install the font on your computer for use with authoring tools including word processors, design tools and other applications that permit font selection. Fonts can also be used for creation of print documents, static images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) and logos. The cost of a desktop font license is determined by the number of workstations on which the font is to be used. View the desktop EULA for this family

Licenses for regular Web fonts

Available in "Pay as you go" or "Pay once" models
Webfonts are licensed for use on websites in accordance with the conditions of the [email protected] face declaration. The Web fonts that can be acquired from are supported by all major browsers, including Firefox 3.5+, IE 5+, Opera 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 3.1+, iOS Mobile Safari, Android 2.2+ and BlackBerry OS 6.

Pay As You Go
The cost of a license is determined by the number of times your pages are viewed; there is no time limit with regard to the duration of such a license. You purchase an allowance of pageviews that you use up over time. We will inform you when your pageview allowance is exhausted so that you can acquire additional pageviews.
Most of Monotype’s original libraries (Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Bitstream and Ascender) are available for purchase using the pay as you go model.