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EasyReading™ is a high-readability font.
Dedicated to dyslexic readers developed with the Design for All approach (Universal Design) to facilitate all readers’ categories.

It is a “hybrid” font as it comprises both serif and sans-serifs letters.

The specific design of letters with dedicated serifs, which are meant to avoid the perceptual miss-change of similarly-shaped letters, has provided the font with a wider spacing thus countering the crowding effect and ensuring a more pleasant reading experience. Hence, EasyReading™ upgrades the traditional classification of “Serif” or “Sans-serif” fonts by creating the brand new “Serif & Sans-serif” font.

EasyReading has been object of scientific researches which state: “Based on the evidence collected and the consistent results, it can be concluded that the EasyReading™ font facilitates reading for both normal and dyslexic readers and can rightfully be considered a very effective compensating tool for dyslexia and a facilitating font for all other readers”.

EasyReading™ font was approved by the Italian Dyslexia Association thanks to its specific design characteristics which facilitate reading to dyslexic people.

Sans Serif
Humanistic Sans