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Delfin Scripts

By Eclectotype

Dave Rowland

Delfino Script is a cool, connecting script that can appear both retro and contemporary. Curved on the outsides of strokes, and jagged inside, the forms look like an abstraction of strips of tape, folding and flowing, or even marker pen style lettering. This script is not created by any pen though - its forms are constructed, not painted. Typographic features like ink traps add sparkle to the text. OpenType features include ligatures, contextual alternates (for more realistic connections) and stylistic sets. Stylistic Set 1 changes certain upper case letters into forms more suited for all caps setting, although they can also be used freely with the lower case. Set 2 changes the r into a less scripty form and set 3 adds a connecting tail to the q. Delfino Script would find itself at home in cookery books, fashion blogs, vintage car magazines and set large and proud on expanses of concrete, or, most likely, whatever you might have in mind for it! Delfina Script is practically identical to Delfino save for round tittles, periods and any other dot shaped glyph components. Strangely for such a little change, it does seem to give the face a different character.