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By EdyType

Ricardo Rousselot

“Despeinada” in Spanish means “Uncombed”, it's a real loose Script, perfect when you want to convey informality, it'll look good in a long text, o when a few rough and spontaneous words are needed...

“Being a Packaging designer, my faces are mostly oriented to that sector, although they won't look in any way, out of place in other placement, as the Editorial world or in Advertising, just as examples. This face is one of five, two of them Scripts, of my creation, that where generated in the University of Barcelona Master of Typography, in 2010, where I dictated the “Practicum”.

“Soon the rest of types will follow “Despeinada” to travel and be used around the world. Of very versatile design, It can be used in small sizes or it can be enlarged as you wish, it won't deceive you!

“On the making, I thought that this particular face was in the middle of the way between Mistral and Zapfino, rough but in the other hand, clean at the same time, none of it's glyphs follow any order, neither do it's weight...

“Making a long story short, you start writing with “Despeinada” and you won't want to stop.”