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EF Lucida™ Blackletter

By Elsner+Flake

Lucida Blackletter is a modern interpretation of an international style of printing types used for vernacular literature in the early days of printing. Lucida Blackletter is not an imitation of any historical font, but a new rendering of the cursive blackletter style. It has the dark texture, fractured curves, and tight fitting typical of the gothic type styles, but it is more relaxed, playful and exuberant than the rigid textura blackletter that survives in some legal documents, newspaper mastheads and the like. First released in 1992, the Lucida Blackletter font family was designed to bring the international spirit that inspired early typography into the computer age. It can be used wherever a vernacular blackletter is desired for allusive typography. Lucida Blackletter aligns in the heights of lowercase and capitals with other Lucida text fonts, but its swash ascenders are longer than text ascenders, so needs additional line spacing of at least 20% of the type size, to ensure that ascenders and descenders do not collide.