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By exljbris

Jos Buivenga

The Geotica font family was designed by Jos Buivenga of the exljbris Font Foundry and released in 2010. The idea behind Geotica was to build a font out of more or less simple geometrical line elements. The open wire frame could then be left open or (partially) filled. Geotica comes in four different grades or line thicknesses (One, Two, Three and Four) so Geotica is suitable for a broad range of use. Each grade has four styles (Regular, Open, Fill and Engraved). To use the Fill font, create a layer behind the Open or Engraved fonts. The Geotica fonts are loaded with wonderful OpenType typographic features: swashes, final forms, lots of ligatures and ornaments. An OpenType-savvy application is required to access these typographic extras. Geotica is a trademark of exljbris Font Foundry and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. View Geotica Type Specimen (PDF)