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Eyad Al-Samman

Eyad Al-Samman is a graphic designer, typographer, writer, and translator. He was born in Sana'a city, Yemen, in October 1976. Eyad has a bachelor degree in electrical and computer engineering and working officially now as a senior specialist. He has started working as a graphic designer since 1999 and as a typographer since the mid-2000s. His first designed typeface is "Loyolliams" which has special meanings and memories to him. During the 2000s and the early 2010s, Eyad has designed other typefaces with several weights used for Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Latin, and Cyrillic types. Among those fonts are Sherbrooke, Eyadish, Castile, Zawiya, and Alfarooq.

"Typography is more than an art; it is a kind of a real catharsis for me. Every single character needs a faithful effort and an innovative conception to be designed and eventually released," says Eyad Al-Samman. "Being philanthropic is also essential for typographers and this is the essence of this artistic work. A typographer needs to freely dedicate part of his typographic works for others and specially those who need such works from all over the world," he adds. In October 2012, "Sherbrooke" typeface was included among the 25 Yet More Free Fonts for Headlines by the Speckyboy Design Magazine which described those 25 fonts as the most favorite free and professional fonts that are perfect for headlines and titles. In 2013, Eyad Al-Samman also contributed in composing a new pangram in English with only 36 characters which states: "A waxy gent chuckled over my fab jazzy quips."

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