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By Eyad Al-Samman

Zawiya History:
I am originally an engineer and I have liked to draw geometric shapes and letters since my early childhood. I decided to design a typeface that embodies both of the technical and artistic human that I have inside me. The name of the typeface in Arabic language means the angle in English language which refers to its design that is based on only square-shaped angles.

Zawiya Usage:
"Zawiya" is a Kufic modern square-shaped Arabic typeface. The typeface has only right-angled angles which makes it full of open and closed squares and free from any curves or arches. This font comes in three different weights. The main characteristic of "Zawiya" Typeface is in its modern and attractive right-angled and square-shaped styles for its all-Arabic characters. The character "Faa" is one of its most distinguished characters that I myself adore so much.

"Zawiya" Typeface is suitable for books' covers, advertisement light boards, posters, greeting cards, cards, covers, satellite channels, exhibitions' signboards and external or internal walls of malls or airports or metro's exits and entrances, geometric instruments and tools, technical devices, computers and laptops, IT and electric devices and also calculators. It is advisable to use the font in fields related to sciences such as geometry, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, industry, economy, and other fields. It can also decorate surfaces of calculators, geometric tools, rulers, pens, computers, cars, ships, trucks, and other related electric and electronic devices. It is sharp design qualifies it to be printed in public signs in streets, airports, hospitals, schools, malls, hotels, mosques, and other public places. It can also be greatly used in the titles subsisting in Arabic newspapers and magazines especially those intended for technology and science.