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Supernett cn

By FaceType


Ever tried to write a Sans-Serif by hand? We did it Supernett™!More than 4700 glyphs per style to pursue one goal: let the font look real hand-made, let equal glyphs look different to each other. Three OpenType features are specially tailored to enhance this impression, with a maximum effect when applied to big type:

Alternating Letters For a truly hand-drawn look, letters and numerics alternate randomly between three different variants (¿ activate “Contextual Alternates”)

Rotating letters All glyphs rotate randomly and slightly around their own axis (¿ activate “Swashes”)

Varying Baseline Shift Each single glyph moves individually up or down (¿ activate “Titling Alternates”)

Supernett – a versatile display font – is tailored for large font sizes but also impresses with an astounding legibility in small typesettings. Supernett is fairly condensed for space-saving headlines. The extensive character set supports Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages.