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By Fenotype

Emil Karl Bertell

Explorer collection includes following:
• 8 Fonts - a clean and textured version of each
• Catchwords
• Swooshes
• Pictures

Explorer’s core is a strong script type with straight edges. All the fonts are designed to work nice together. Here’s a short introduction to the styles:
•Explorer Script is equipped with Contextual Alternates that make the connections between letters smooth. In addition it has Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates for standard characters for more customised look. Explorer Script has three weights.
•Explorer Sans is a wide all caps sans-serif that doesn’t shy away from taking it’s own space. Explorer Sans has two weights.
•Explorer Condensed is a sturdy all caps condensed sans-serif with rounded edges. Explorer Condensed has two weights.
•Explorer Serif is a bulky all caps serif.
•Explorer Swoosh is a collection of strokes and swooshes designed to go with the Script. Try adding a connecting one in the end of a word written with Script or place a loose swoosh above or below a word.
•Explorer Catchword is a collection of catchwords designed to go with Explorer fonts.

Sans Serif