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By Fenotype

Typographers — and clients alike — are often obsessed with novelty. Be it self-consciously peculiar details with made-you-look appeal — or just austere, detached minimalism, constant seek for novelty in typography often becomes an end in itself. A lot of times, an old trick is better than a bagful of new ones — all you might actually need would be a good, reliable font family with soul, providing that comforting, familiar feel. This is where Forrest comes in: a type family born out of a lifelong passion for digging into old archives of fonts, in search for that good ol’ type — simple, honest, made with love.

But make no mistake, Forrest is as savvy as fonts come, packed with smart features. Handsome swashes, cute small capitals and old style figures all add a bit of flair and enable a highly sophisticated and contemporary approach to typography.