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Rose Garden Deluxe

By Fenotype

Emil Karl Bertell

Rose Garden Deluxe is an elegant type collection including a luscious high contrast serif in three weights and an ethereal pen script also in three weights. Together the fonts form an effective all-around set for sophisticated display purposes. The fonts are best used for imposing headlines, as a logotype, in packaging and posters.

Rose Garden Serif has an extra high contrast giving it a sophisticated look, suitable for fashion or luxurious high-end products, magazines and anything such.

Rose Garden Pen is a monoline script, as if it was written with a steady and precise inking pen. Rose Garden Pen is equipped with plenty of useful OpenType features: it has Contextual Alternates and Standard Ligatures to enliven the flow of “writing” and to keep the connections between letters smooth. In addition it has Stylistic and Swash Alternates for every standard uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as for ampersand and few ligatures. On top of that it has initial and terminal swashes - a feature that is set in Titling Alternates. The feature works following: click it on and write normally. Type a space before a word and after it to get a special swash character in the beginning and in the end of the word. If that isn’t enough seek for even more alternates in the Glyphs Palette. Each weight has over 650 glyphs in total.

Rose Garden Ornaments is an extension to Rose Garden Pen. It’s a set of Ornaments with the same weight and handwriting style as the font. The swooshes can be combined with the font for even more ornamental looks and the swashes set in lowercase letters can be used as additional terminal swashes, combined with any lowercase character.