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By Fine Fonts

Scorpio is a italic-style font based on lettering Michael Harvey which first drew for a book jacket. As such, it is a condensed design necessary to enable a lot of text to be fitted with a restricted space. Scorpio has both style and verve. It was designed to attract the attention of potential purchasers browsing the shelfs in bookshops. In fulfilling this rĂ´le, it succeeded admirably. In all these respects, is unquestionably a unique Michael Harvey design. When Michael died in 2013, this font only existed as a drawing of the basic upper and lower case letterforms plus numerals. Andy Benedek's contribution to Scorpio was to digitise the existing letterforms and then create the remaining letterforms necessary for the complete character set which required for a modern font.

Scorpios letterforms can also be seen on a card designed by the 'concrete poet' Ian Hamilton Finlay. The purpose of the card was to prompt those owing monies to IHF into paying promptly.