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Ador Hairline


Ador Hairline is the high contrast version of


. A humanist sans serif that falls in the “evil serif” genre, especially designed for contemporary typography and comes up with 7 weights from extralight to black plus true italics and 293 ligatures and initial letters. A large x-height not only creates space in the letters for extra-bold styles, but also lends Ador Hairline an open and generous character in the more narrow and semi-bold versions. The nice balance between sharp ink trapped and soft, dynamic shapes helps to work in small sizes. Diagonal stress, angled finials and the 4 degree true italic styles give Ador Hairline a dynamic look. The font contains 1,026 glyphs and a wide range of flexibility for Latin language support for every typographical need. Ador Hairline is a contemporary sans serif typeface, special for logotypes, brands, magazines, editorial, and advertising uses. Ador Hairline was on the shortlist of Communication Arts 2020.