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By Fontfabric

Mozer is a semi-condensed neo-grotesque type family of 16 styles, ranging from Thin to Black and matched with true italics. With a generous x-height, economical width, moderate contrast and an all-around solid appearance, this typeface lends itself well to headlines. Uncompromising legibility meets a distinct contemporary spirit, visible even in small details like the discrete ink traps.

Mozer covers Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek and is suited with plenty of OpenType features, such as localizations, ligatures; four types of numerals including figures and tabular; case-sensitive forms; alternatives, and more.

• Over 825 glyphs in 16 styles (Thin to Black);
• Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts for more than 130 languages;
• Tall and balanced x-height;
• Semi-condensed width proportions;
• Moderate contrast and vertical stress;
• Neo-grotesque characteristics and terminals with humanistic flavor.

Sans Serif