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By Fontfabric

Born at a crossroads, the collaborative sans family of 18 styles Ways is the latest arrival in our portfolio. The name is no coincidence, as Ways pulls out all the stops to bring you excellent legibility. Combined with brutal and elegant details for a distinct humanist flair, this sans offers perfect functionality across all weights.

Visual compensations, extra white space, wider apexes, subtle tweaks, and moderate inktraps distinguish Ways among similar typefaces. Use over 690 glyphs, extended Latin and Cyrillic support, extensive OT features set, icon set of more than 60 navigation pictograms, and one variable style, to design full-fledged signage systems that get you from point A to point B without relying on G-Maps.

Family overview:

  • 9 weights (from Thin to Black) + italics
  • Extended Latin
  • Cyrillic
  • 690+ glyphs
  • languages
  • 1 variable font (2 axes)
  • 1 free font - Ways SemiBold

OpenType Features:

  • Localized Forms
  • Standard Ligatures
  • Contextual Alternates
  • Lining Figures
  • Tabular Figures
  • Subscript
  • Scientific inferiors
  • Superscript (Superiors)
  • Numerators
  • Case-Sensitive Forms
  • Standard and Discretionary Ligatures
  • Stylistic Alternates
  • Contextual Alternates

Sans Serif