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FF DIN Slab®

By FontFont

FF DIN: the famous, faithful and first revival of DIN 1451. FF DIN originates in the lettering models from the German standard DIN 1451, and is considered the perfect standard typeface due to methodical and engineered design.

FF DIN Slab is a robust compliment to the FF DIN family. Designed by Antonia Cornelius and Albert-Jan Pool, it offer designers tools to create greater rhythm and design depth. FF DIN Slab’s proportions have been meticulously aligned with its Sans origins, offering the perfect balance between positive and negative space. The serifs are assertive, sturdy and balanced, they are engineered to emphasis a strong horizontal flow through text, a grounded utility and assurance in headlines. The result of this attention to detail is a typeface that harmonizes beautifully with other FF DIN styles.

Pushing font technology to its limits, FF DIN Slab is also available as a Variable font. Allowing creatives to design hyper specific variations which thrive in any design space, and even seamlessly animate movement from one state to the next.

FF DIN Slab distinctively carries on its parent’s DNA, speaks the same native language — but with a strong peculiar dialect. It expands the DIN family worthily — independent but integrated — and opens totally new possibilities of uses with the whole DIN family.

Slab Serif