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FF Fago® Correspondence Serif

By FontFont

FF Fago
Thanks to his many years of involvement in major corporate type projects, Ole Schäfer had the necessary resources from which to construct his FF Fago™. The result is an extended family that provides comprehensive typographic support and whose qualities come to the fore in all relevant contexts ? from print to office through internet and wayfinding systems.

FF Fago
The sizable x-height together with the generous and open design of the characters ensure that the sans serif Fago remains clearly legible even in small point sizes or in potentially difficult situations, such as on wayfinding systems.

A subtle contrast in line weight and letter forms that are reminiscent of those of an antiqua typeface provide the font with a restrained yet friendly and lively tone. Available in five weights, each with three different kerning widths and matching genuine italic variants, FF Fago is equipped for practically every situation. There are also small caps, oldstyle and lining figures, a selection of ligatures and geometric symbols. The range of potential applications of this universal font is almost inexhaustible ? it can be used in packaging design, on signs, posters and even for setting longer text sections. Fago is the ideal partner for those working on major corporate projects!

FF Fago Correspondence Sans und Correspondence SerifThe Correspondence versions of Fago have been optimized for use in the business environment and in office communication. The carefully modified characters have a particularly robust feel, so that the clear, easily differentiated glyphs allow for straightforward communication even on screen. With these aims in mind, Schäfer has not only adjusted the x-height, but has provided certain letters in the sans variant ? such as the lowercase "i", the "r" and the uppercase "I" ? with serifs.

Correspondence Serif, on the other hand, has been conceived as a slab serif throughout and in appearance has the look of the letters produced by the old office typewriting machines. An individual note has been added by providing a few unusual serif forms, as for example in the case of the "m", the "v" and the "y".

Both Correspondence Sans and Serif are available in two weights with complementary italic versions and thus are ideally suited for use with standard office programs. This is all rounded off with a selection of office

symbols. FF Fago Monospaced
The use of a few typographic tricks is necessary to ensure that the letters of the alphabet appear to have the same width. Narrow letters such as "r" and "i" have been made to seem more expansive by using prominent serifs while the broader letters ? a good example is the "m" ? have the forms seen in a condensed font. And it is thanks to this design strategy that Fago Monospaced has the character of old typewriter text. What was once unavoidable because of the technology of the time is now a welcome alternative that can be used for the purposes of emphasis. As an additional supplement to the Fago superfamily, Fago Monospaced can be used, for example, to set short notes or draw attention to special text passages. There are three weights, in their original form without italic variants or small caps, but offering an alternative, technical form of the "0" with a crossbar.
Slab Serif