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FF Kievit® Serif

By FontFont

FF Kievit Serif subtlety melds oldstyle design traits and a 21st century mien into a clean, straightforward suite of typefaces. As part of the FF Kievit super family it helps brands carry their voices effectively and legibly. This includes small text to display sizes, in both print and digital environments, for internal and external audiences. FF Kievit takes inspiration from classic designs like Garamond and Granjon, and is available in seven weights, plus italics.

Drawn as a collaboration between Michael Abbink, Paul van der Laan, FF Kievit Serif is a natural extension to the other members of the FF Kievit super family, that also includes FF Kievit and FF Kievit Slab. FF Kievit Serif stands on its own as a multi-talented and exceptionally legible design. Large counters, a generous x-height and ample apertures ensure that FF Kievit Serif translates well to both hardcopy and interactive environments.

FF Kievit Serif is available in carefully defined weights, ranging from Light to Black. The Regular, Book and Bold weights are ideally suited to long form text copy. Ligatures, several suites of numbers and small caps are also available. In addition, FF Kievit Serif benefits from the same extensive language support of the other designs in the family.

Old Style Serif