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FF Tisa®

By FontFont

Mitja Miklavcic

Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavcic drew FF Tisa to meet the technological and aesthetic requirements of contemporary magazine design and printing. His primary goal was to develop a softer, more dynamic take on the nineteenth-century slab serif wood type genre. A large x-height and pronounced serifs make FF Tisa extremely legible in text sizes. A few unique details—including slightly exaggerated ink traps and a fairly upright italic—are particularly visible in display sizes.

The typeface was selected by the TDC judges for a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2007. The popularity of FF Tisa helped convince Miklavcic to expand his general design concept further. After a few years, FontFont released its sans serif sister: FF Tisa Sans. In all important details, FF Tisa Sans matches FF Tisa perfectly.

The FF Tisa Sans character set contains the same range of characters and typographic features as the original FF Tisa. Since FF Tisa Sans should prove quite suitable for signage and information design projects, Miklavcic included a range of specially designed arrows in that family, but these can combine equally well with text set in FF Tisa.

Slab Serif