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Algerian Mesa

By FontMesa

Michael Hagemann

Inspired by the old Stephenson Blake Caps only font Algerian from 1908, this version, named Algerian Mesa, has been freshened up with a new matching lowercase.

The original Algerian, on page 142 of the 1908 Stephenson Blake specimen book, was a small caps to a more decorative lining caps and the plain black version, without the shadow line, was named Gloria.

Also on page 142 of the 1908 Stephenson Blake specimen book is a shaded Latin font that gave me the idea for the Alt version of Algerian Mesa.

The Alt version works well at smaller point sizes combined with the regular Algerian Mesa font on the same page.

New for 2016 were Opentype features including original alternates, oldstyle numerals and case sensitive forms, also new is a fully usable Alt version.

New for 2022 are the higher x-height, 90% small caps, 80% small caps and all new italic versions.

Also new for 2022 are straight sided accent marks replacing the flared or curved accents.

While Algerian Mesa includes some alternates our related Tavern font will still remain the version with more alternates and more weights.