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By FontMesa

Michael Hagemann

Gold is a new font family based on the old classic 1865 Bruce type font named Gold Rush where we’ve removed the decorative shadow lines from the original font to reveal a beautiful solid slab serif font, this new style was then set to the black weight and a complete fourteen weight font family was created. To make this font more versatile several alternate letters have been designed and placed into the font which include, small caps, stacked fractions, ligatures plus many more stylistic alternates and swash letters. These alternate letters are only in the OpenType and Truetype formats, the Web Font format will only have the standard character set with out alternates. For users of Adobe Creative Suite you may access these alternate letters using the glyph map found in Adobe applications, in Windows you may use the Character Map found in your accessories folder, for Mac you may access alternates using FontBook. The OpenType format has been programmed with the lookup features to access the alternate glyphs however you will need an application such as Adobe Creative Suite to take advantage of these built in features. For the final weight of the Gold font FontMesa introduces the new style name of Magnum which indicates the last and heaviest weight of a multi-weight font family.

Slab Serif