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Magnum Sans

By FontMesa

Michael Hagemann

Magnum Sans is a strong neutral sans serif consisting of eleven weights with true Italic, Oblique and an alt upright set called Alfa.

The inspiration for this font was the simple desire to make my first sans serif typeface with a few extra goodies to help make your projects stand out and get noticed.

The definition of Magnum is a large wine or champagne bottle that's twice the capacity of one 750ml bottle, today the name is used in any product offering double the capacity, Magnum Sans achieves this by offering two slanted and two upright versions plus a standard and pro set.

Designed to be highly readable Magnum Sans is ideal for text, signage, headlines and media broadcasting or anywhere else quick readable lettering is needed. With the stylistic alternates and swash caps in the Pro set you can expand your creativity in logo designing. Sprinkle in an alternate letter or two from the pro set makes for a dynamic appeal that's sure to bring attention to your website or product.

The standard version supports character sets for central and eastern European countries with code-pages of 1252 Latin1, 1250 Latin 2, 1257 Baltic and 1254 Turkish.

The Pro set includes additional language support for Vietnamese, Pin Yin and Greek plus Opentype features.

Opentype features in the Pro set include, Alternate Fractions, Case Sensitive Forms, Denominators, Numerators, Discretionary Ligatures, Standard Ligatures, Old-style Figures, Tabular Figures, Proportional Figures, Ordinals, Scientific Inferiors, Superscript, Subscript, Stylistic Alternates, Swash Caps, Arrows and Enclosed Alphanumeric's.

Magnum Sans is sure to be a font you'll use many times and one that you'll keep at the top of your list.

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