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By Fonts.GR

Takis Katsoulidis

After several decades in letterform and type design I attempted to create a contrasted sans serif font that comes out of various observations in modern handwritten Greek letters without calligraphic vanities. The innovation is mainly in the drawing of lambda where I omitted its forward leg, which push back to the previous letter leaving a void, I drew the basic body of the letter vertical to stick out and above the body of the previous letters in text so that it preserves its character. Also zeta was drawn in a vertical form in order to avoid leaving white space on its right. Finally the capital Omega was designed with a significant simplification while keeping its identity and without losing its basic drawing. We created an alphabet that is -in general- dominated by curvy lines. Metamoderna is available in 4 weights plus designed italics on each of the weights, supporting Greek Monotonic and Polytonic, full Western and Central European Latins.

Sans Serif