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Freight Text

By GarageFonts

Joshua Darden

The Freight™ font super family is actually four families in one: the Freight Sans family, the Freight Text family, the Freight Big family and the Freight Micro family.

The clean, highly legible Freight Sans font family has its roots firmly planted in a humanist design aesthetic. It's suitable for text or display use and features an extensive character set, comprised of roman, italic, small caps, italic small caps, and old style and tabular figures, spread across five precisely tuned weights.

The Freight Text font family was designed with the reader in mind. It is deal for use as a text font in situations of extended viewing, such as in periodicals or data-intensive documents, it also features an extensive character set comprised of five weights.

The Freight Big font family is aptly named. It looks bigger than it is. The high contrast between stroke weights even carry over to the serifs, giving this family a distinctly large appearance. The Freight Big font family works equally well as a text font or a headline font and mixes suitably with the other Freight families.

The Freight Micro font family departs from the typical slab serif tradition. By exaggerating the traits of each character, the Freight Micro font overcomes the challenges often faced by small type onscreen and in print. The result is a design that remains legible at small point sizes, and that also proves to be quite striking at large sizes. As with the sans and text families, the Freight Micro font family features an extensive character set of five weights.