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Vertrina marries four virtues: elegance, simplicity, character and usefulness. It started as an idea to combine two things: the elegance of classical Roman typefaces and of classical Roman architecture. The result is that rarest of all things - a truly new face that is elegant yet characterful but not so obtrusive as to be restricted to display work. All the faces uprights mirror the elegant taper of Roman columns, as used in the most simple and elegant form of Roman architecture. The serifs are a subtle shape that mirrors the pediments and corbels of that same order of architecture. Vertrina is a family of eight faces, four upper and lower case faces, suitable for the elegant setting out of text, and four small capitals faces ideal for headings and titles. You'll find regular and bold weights and normal and condensed width, as well as a range of Opentype ligatures. All faces are offered individually and in family groups. Bring some simple elegance to your work.

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