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Buddy is the new companion sans for Contenu, the book font family designed for an upcoming book on book family design. Originally, I called it Compagnon, but that seemed to pompous. Then I called it Aide, but that was too formal and dry. It's a loose, free, easy to read sans, so when my wife suggested Buddy, it clicked. The original inspiration was Aerle, a display font family I designed in 2009. That family was too loose for normal" use, so I tightened it up a little. This is the 4-font Buddy family of Regular, Italic, Bold, & Bold Italic. I made a new more limited feature set for these fonts due to their designed usage, but there are still small caps, small cap figures, oldstyle figures, numerators, and denominators. The bold is closer to a black, and the italics are only slightly slanted obliques. if you need a strong black in caps, use the small caps of the bold.


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