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The major focus of my life and ministry at this point is book design. In the brave new world of 21st century self-publishing a new paradigm has arisen: the indie small shop. One of the problems is that all books are published as ebooks, and many books are published only as ebooks. There are two problems with this: character availability and licensing. The licensing problem is solved by including an ebook license with all of the Librum E fonts. The character availability is the core of the design. OpenType features do not work yet with ePUBs [though it is in the spec, if I understand correctly]. Kerning doesn't work, and so on. So these five fonts have only the 256-character [or less] ASCII set. A separate small caps is included. It has lining figures {proportional} and small caps instead of the graphics. The other four fonts have graphics to give bullet choices in lists, oldstyle figures {proportional}, and care given to character shapes so they will work better without kerning. For a great deal, see

Librum Book Design Group

, for a package containing all fifteen fonts!

Old Style Serif