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Sigmund Freud Typeface

By Harald Geisler

Harald Geisler
Harald Geisler

The Sigmund Freud Typeface #1, #2, #3 and #4 each hold one individual lowercase alphabet based on Freud's handwriting.

All styles of the Sigmund Freud Typeface feature a wide range of accented letters so you can write to all your friends in Sweden (Bjørn) France (Chloé & Zoë), Ireland (Dáirine), Poland (Lucja), Germany (Jörg) and almost everywhere around the globe (Find a complete list in the tech specs).

Usage recommendations:
I hope that this design will be valuable to you and most of all that you have fun with this typeface!
1. Point Size — To reproduce the size of Sigmund Freud’s handwriting adjust the type size between 18-24 point in your word processor. If you are using an imaging software like Photoshop set the resolution to 300dpi and adjust the point size between 18-24.
2. Line Spacing — Narrow the line hight until swashes of capital letters touch the baseline above. This also happens when you write a letter and gives the document a unique handwritten look.
3. Right Aligned — Freud had the habit to write towards the right edge of the page and start loosely on the left. Set your text alignment to ‘right’ to incorporate this dramatic expression also to your documents.

What do other People say about the Sigmund Freud Typeface?
"Wouldn't you love to write a letter to your shrink using the Sigmund Freud typeface?"
- Dorothy Tan, Design TAXI