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HS AlbasimA

By Hiba Studio

Hiba Studio

HS Albasim A is an Arabic display typeface. It is useful for headlines, books covers and other graphic projects. It is a collaborative effort, as HS Albasim A first letters were designed and drawn by Basim Salem Al Mahdi from Iraq and then developed and digitalized as a typeface by Hasan AbuAfash from Palestine.

The font is based on the simple lines of Fatmic Kufi but was it distinguished by two main ideas: First, it contains a nice serf in the vertical strokes of its letters. The second, some of storks in its letter differ in the thickness instead of being similar, as it is in the Fatmic Kufi style. The font contains only two weights: regular and bold. Both of them support the OpenType features of Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Kurdish.