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Compacta Complete Family Pack

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Current Product Technical Details

Format:Win TrueType
Product ID:ITC04124
Material Number:14604124
Technical Name(s):CompactaLT-Black, CompactaLT-Bold, CompactaLT-BoldItalic, CompactaLT-LightCompress, CompactaLT-Light, CompactaLT-BlackP, CompactaLT, CompactaLT-Italic
File Name(s):LT_55847.ttf, LT_55848.ttf, LT_55849.ttf, LT_55850.ttf, LT_55851.ttf, LT_55852.ttf, LT_55853.ttf, LT_55854.ttf
Window Menu Name(s):Compacta LT Black, Compacta LT, Compacta LT, Compacta LT Light Compress, Compacta LT Light, Compacta LT Black P, Compacta LT, Compacta LT

Other Products Technical Details

Format: OpenType Std (CFF)
Product ID:ITC04124
Material Number:14704124
Technical Name(s):CompactaLTStd-Black, CompactaLTStd-Light, CompactaLTStd-LightCm, CompactaStd, CompactaStd-Bold, CompactaStd-Italic
File Name(s):CompactaLTStd-Black.otf, CompactaLTStd-Light.otf, CompactaLTStd-LightCm.otf, CompactaStd.otf, CompactaStd-Bold.otf, CompactaStd-Italic.otf
Window Menu Name(s):Compacta LT Std Black, Compacta LT Std Light, Compacta LT Std LightCm, Compacta Std, Compacta Std, Compacta Std
Format: OpenType Com (TTF)
Product ID:LV04124
Material Number:14904124
Technical Name(s):CompactaCom-Regular, CompactaCom-Italic, CompactaCom-Bold, CompactaCom-BoldItalic, CompactaCom-Black
File Name(s):CompactaCom-Black.ttf, CompactaCom-Bold.ttf, CompactaCom-BoldItalic.ttf, CompactaCom-Italic.ttf, CompactaCom-Regular.ttf
Window Menu Name(s):Compacta Com, Compacta Com, Compacta Com, Compacta Com, Compacta Com Black