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ITC Avant Garde Gothic®

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The ITC Avant Garde Gothic® design was one of the first typeface families released by ITC – and continues to be one of its most popular. The basis for the typeface was created in the late 1960s for a new magazine conceived by the forward-thinking publisher and editor, Ralph Ginzburg. The publication was called, fittingly, Avant Garde. Herb Lubalin created the logo and Tom Carnase drew the alphabet based on Lubalin’s sketches.

OpenType® technology makes a complete version of ITC Avant Garde Gothic possible, offering the full breadth of Lubalin and Carnase’s design. ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro includes all the original characters plus a suite of additional cap and lowercase alternates, new ligatures and a collection of biform characters (lowercase letters with cap proportions). The original design contained a suite of 33 alternate characters and logotypes; ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro more than doubles this number.

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