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ITC Bradley Hand™


Richard Bradley
ITC Bradley Hand is a calligraphy font from Richard Bradley, designed in 1995. The contours make it look as though it were written by hand with a felt tip pen on rough paper and it has all the details which give it a handwritten character. The font has a balanced, harmonious look and lends correspondence a personal touch. Bradley Hand is legible in point sizes as small as 8 and is good for headlines and short to middle length texts.

A self-taught artist, British designer Richard Bradley has defined a career in freelance design with a niche focus on Christian literature. His typeface designs have a calligraphic or handwritten style, including the Bible Script™ font family and the Fine Hand™ font family.

Bradley Hand ITC was developed in collaboration with Bradley’s fellow British designer, Colin Brignall. The original focus of the project was to develop a typeface specifically for dry transfer lettering; it was eventually developed for use in digital display, as well.

It is based directly on Richard Bradley’s own handwriting and has a much more casual feel than many of his calligraphy-based designs. It gives the impression of a personal, handwritten note and brings a human touch to digital correspondence. It was later enhanced and refined for improved digital display in the ITC Bradley Type™ font family.

Microsoft Typography: ITC Bradley Hand

ITC Bradley Hand is recommended for headlines and short to mid-length texts. It has good legibility in point sizes as small as 8. It is not recommended for professional correspondence, but would be an asset as a design element in an ad or branding campaign. It can be purchased for business or personal use, and licensed for enterprise use or redistribution.

Bradley Hand was cited by many as an interesting step toward developing a handwritten font for digital display; however, it was noted that the typeface was not versatile enough and did not read well at large point sizes. This feedback led to ITC and Bradley developing a revised Bradley Hand, the ITC Bradley Type font family, which retained the spontaneous, handwritten feel of the original while refining it to make it more display-friendly and flexible in digital media.

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