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ITC Caslon No. 224™

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Few typefaces have enjoyed the longevity, success and prominence of Caslon. The most famous design of William Caslon, England's first great typefounder, Caslon is classified as a Dutch Old Style design. More than 250 years old, it is also the oldest typeface for which the original metal matrices are still available. After exhaustive study and trial development, Edward Benguiat created ITC Caslon 224 to meet the requirements of modern typographic usage. He also designed a complete family of coordinated weights and styles, which was not always done with previous versions of Caslon. The result of his efforts is a highly-readable typface, featuring a large x-height, smooth weight transitions, and careful structuring of hairline strokes. And why the 224 designation? That was the address on East 45th Street where Benguiat did most of his work. ITC Caslon 224 is available in book, medium, bold and black weights, each with a matching italic.

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