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ITC Migration™ Sans


André Simard

Andre Simard drew Migration Sans with design traits that he repeatedly looked for in faces for his design projects. “As I thought about the development of Migration Sans, I wanted to give it advantages I knew graphic designers would appreciate,” he recalls. “A large x-height and slightly condensed proportions are just a couple of these qualities.” The two-storied ‘a,’ bowl-and-loop ‘g’ and legibility ‘I’ also distinguish the design – and will aid text readability.

André Simard worked with type as a graphic designer for almost thirty years. It often played a key role in the projects he took on. He grew to love and respect the beauty and communicative power of the alphabet and took great care to choose just the right design for each assignment. It was, however, always somebody else’s typeface. From time to time, he would sketch letters – some even became the final art for logos – but he never got past just a few characters.

Then he discovered the Typophile Website. In doing so, he found a community of kindred spirits who shared is love for time – and was more than happy to share their knowledge of the typographic arts. After several months of going to the site as a visitor, Simard decided to launch his own thread by sharing some of his character sketches. These were met with positive responses, sage advice – and encouragement to continue with the font’s development. Over time, the sketches grew into the ITC Migration™ Sans typeface family.

Because it is Simard’s first commercial typeface, he says that he chose the name “Migration” because the typeface marks his “migration” from working with typefaces as a graphic designer to designing them as well. The ITC Migration Sans suite is available in five weights from a svelte Thin to a robust Black. Each weight is also supported by a cursive italic complement.

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