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ITC Officina® Sans


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Erik Spiekermann
Ole Schäfer

The ITC Officina® Sans design is deceptively simple. It has a look reminiscent of older print technologies, typewriters and printing presses, but was designed for improved legibility when printed on low-resolution output devices, such as laser-printers.

The ITC Officina Sans design was created in response to the popularity of inexpensive laser printers. Building on the typewriter fonts Courier™ and Letter Gothic™, Erik Spiekermann wanted to create a simple, useful typeface for business communication such as letters and emails. The ITC Officina Sans typeface was the result.

After its release, the typeface became popular for use in other media as well. Spiekermann introduced additional weights and character options to the original design, which featured only regular and bold weights. The arm and the leg of ITC Officina Sans make a right angle as they meet the vertical line, making a subtle but unique difference from other typefaces. The capital Q is more oval than in other typefaces, and the capital J has the top only to the left, not across the top. The ‘b’ and the‘d’ have are raised slightly and have a bowed shape - hardly noticeable unless looking for it. Small variations like these give this typeface an air of originality, yet keep it legible.

The ITC Officina Sans design has evolved over time in response to market needs, and continues to respond to the market. This may be one of the reasons why it is relied upon again and again.

The complete ITC Officina Sans family includes weights such as Display Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, and Black. ITC Officina Sans is used by the South Dakota Department of Tourism. The iomega company uses it in its logo.

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