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ITC Tabula™


Julien Janiszewski

ITC Tabula is designed to be read. It was originally conceived as a font to set film subtitles, according to Paris-based designer Julien Janiszewski. “I set parameters for the design whereby the letters had to be able to hold up at very small sizes when set on film, and yet must be able to be enlarged two thousand times to be read on a theatre screen,” he recalls.

The subtitle font was not completed, but several months later Janiszewski revisited the design and made a discovery. “I realized that the constraints I had established for the subtitling font was not that far from those people could have in creating typographic signage. Many time this calls for a font that can be used easily in very large sizes for headlines on highway billboards and quite small for text copy.” Work proceeded for two more years before Janiszewski was satisfied with the results.

The final design is a somewhat squared sans serif family of four weights with corresponding italics. Janiszewski also wanted to create what he calls a sensitive sans – one that is not restricted to geometric shapes but has a subtle calligraphic, foundation.” ITC Tabula Pro is not only easy to read, it is also a distinctive and handsome design.

With the release of ITC Tabula Pro, graphic communicators can take advantage of several OpenType capabilities, including the automatic insertion of ligatures, as well as the availability of fractions, swash and alternate characters. The new ITC Tabula Pro fonts contain an extended character set supporting, in addition to English, most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

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