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Phill Grimshaw
Pristina is the work of British designer Phill Grimshaw. It is a calligraphic typeface that displays all the natural, unrestrained qualities of cultured penmanship. Pristina's capitals should be used exclusively as initials. The font is ideal for both large display sizes as well as small text sizes, and it lends personal touch to projects it accompanies.

Designed by British calligraphic font designer Phill Grimshaw in 1994, Pristina is a script font that he created while he was working as one of the premier designers for Letraset. It was one of over twenty fonts he created for the company while he was there and is still today a prime example of his formidable ability to create both typography and calligraphy and marry the two into one form.

This is a font that works well for invitations, programs and other formal situations, particularly popular for wedding invitations.