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By J Foundry

Jason Vandenberg
J Foundry

Marsden is a bold, no-nonsense Grotesque. It was designed for display, branding, advertising, packaging or anywhere a strong voice is needed. Marsden is built on a geometric foundation, with just enough warmth to keep the style confident and lively. The family features 8 widths in 12 weights; from a Slim Hairline to an extremely bold Wide Super. The fonts flow from condensed to wide with design intent. The condensed forms feature flat sides and subtle curves, while the wider forms feature rounded sides and open curves. The character set is robust, covering extended latin. The default forms are contemporary with alternates including: single-story a, two-story g, curved terminal l, raised vertex M, rounded top A, fully rounded G, rounded leg R, straight tail Q and straight descender y, all separated into individual style sets for control and customization. Completing the family are the Text fonts where the weights, widths and spacing are adjusted for smaller use.