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The font/s are influenced by his logo (JOPH), that could be used within the Broadcast Television Industry for a variety of Film, Entertainment, Sports, Navigation, Promotional & Live Television Events.  Throughout the process Joph found that the font was developing into a Bold, Legible & Memorable font which could also be used for a variety of uses and not just for the Broadcast Television Industry.

While creating the fonts, we made sure that every Glyph and Character was put into a 3d program and extruded for 3d text before sign off, this way we could iron out any overlapping issues and defects like duplicate vector points, stray vector points, inconsistent curves, vector points too close together causing undesired problems. We also made sure that vector points/nodes would only be used for making up the structure of the font. For example there is no need to have several unnecessary points for a basic line which only required 2 x no points. The Font can now be used for 3d Animated Text.

Each Glyph and Character were checked for double layers,snags & closed lines, for example if you were to put the font through a Vinyl cutter the blade would follow the layers and keep replicating the same cut, Thus damaging the blade and the sheet of vinyl being used for the process, causing wastage material and potential issues with the vinyl cutter being used.