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By Kastelov


Intelo was created with the single idea of redefining what makes a functional grotesque typeface nowadays. Its large x-height and letterforms with subtle elliptical finish create a distinctive look that can help brands cater to an increasingly design savvy audience. To top it off, Intelo comes in two versions - an attention-grabbing original cut and an additional version with flat endings for a more streamlined effect.

The family weights range from thin to extrabold with matching italics making it a versatile choice and perfectly suited for digital applications including web and interaction design as well as printed media such as editorial and corporate materials.

When it comes to Opentype features, Intelo is loaded with stylistic alternates, tabular figures, fractions, ligatures, and more. In addition, the font family has an extended language support featuring Western, Eastern and Central European languages.

To sum it up, the friendly and inviting letterforms of Intelo came as a solution to the need for more human fonts in our technology-oriented environment.