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By Latinotype

Latinotype Team

The first typeface developed by Latinotype team. Corporative is a semi serif font that has a marked personality and distinctive traits, which makes it suitable to be used at large sizes. Since it is a condensed font, it can also be used in smaller sizes.

Corporative has set the standard corresponding to 361 Latinotype and that allows its use in 128 languages.

The wide range of characters, weights and widths can cover a lot projects, the designer can mix variants always like creating a unique result. It is ideal for composing logos, trademarks, branding choice.

The family consists of 60 fonts! basic family includes 8 weights and their Italics, an alternative family of 8 weights their italics, condensed and two families, one normal and one alternate also with their respective italics.

Latinotype has had a restructuring, new faces have joined and formed a working group called Latinotype Team. Latinotype Team is composed of Javier Quintana, Cesar Araya, Bruno Jara, Elizabeth Hernández, Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández. orporative was created by Latinotype Team and developed by Javier Quintana and César Araya under the supervision of Luciano Vergara, Miguel Hernández and Daniel Hernández.

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