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Texta Pro

By Latinotype

Daniel Hernández

Because all good things can get better. Texta was born in 2014, a collaborative project of the study of humanist models from Edward Johnston to Adrian Frutiger. Texta Pro is a contemporary and rational sans, almost invisible, but not quite. It is a workhorse for any type of project.

New design of symbols such as Section, Partialdiff, Dagger, approxequal, among others. Expansion of monetary signs (Bitcoin, Peso, Franc, etc.) Basic ligatures fi, fl. Includes Cyrillic.

Added set of small caps for Latin, Cyrillic, numbers, punctuation and monetary. Increased set of monetary and mathematical symbols. Set of 983 glyphs, 487 more glyphs than the update. New ligatures ff, ffi, ffl, It has two stylistic sets, ss01 and ss02 (tails). Set of numbers with versions: higher, lower, denominators, numbered, old, modern and tabular for the last two cases. New fractions added. Set of case sensitive signs.