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Tita Script

By Latinotype

Tita is dedicated to my grandmother Hebe, witty and arrabalera 1. The font is inspired by Milonga 2 music and the fileteado porteño 3. I picture it at The Moulin Rouge, sparkling, provocative, loving. It evokes Tita Merello and my grandmum singing her music. Tita is Argentinean to its very core. A font to shout goal and dulce de leche 4 with passion! Its curves originate from polirhythmic calligraphy, which I learnt from my mentor Silvia Cordero Vega. Tita is a pedigree script that is based on hand lettering and Sandra Biondi’s calligraphy works. Font digitalisation by Daniel Hernández. 1. A person from the arrabal (a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires) 2. Musical genre originated in the Río de la Plata areas of Argentina and Uruguay 3. Decorative hand lettering and artistic style that is frequently spotted in Buenos Aires 4. Sweet milk sauce