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Nawin Arabic

By Letterjuice

Nawin is an informal Arabic typeface inspired by handwriting. The idea behind this design is to create a type family attractive and ownable for children but at the same time a design that keeps excellent letter recognition for reading. Handwriting has been a great source of inspiration in this particular typeface. By emulating the movements of the pen, we have obtained letter shapes that express spontaneity. A bright group of letters create a lively and beautiful paragraph of text.

To get closer to handwriting and the variety of letter shapes that we draw while writing, this typeface offers a large number of alternative characters, which differ slightly from the default ones. Because we have programed the «Contextual Alternate» feature in the fonts, these alternate characters appear automatically as you set a text on your computer.

The proportions and letter shapes are flexible, escaping from tradition to increase expressivity and personality in the design. For instance, variability on vertical proportions between letters Alef and initial Lam, create movement in text and avoid the cold mechanical feel of repetition. Nawin is quirky and elegant at the same time.

Letter recognition is relevant when reading continuous text. For this reason, we have added another contextual alternate feature with alternate characters that help to avoid confusion when letters with similar or the same shape repeat inside one word. For instance, this is the case of medial «beh and Yeh» repeated three times continuously in the same word. The alternate characters change in shape and length, facilitating distinction to the reader.

Since this typeface is inspired by handwriting and the free movement of the hand while writing, we considered ligatures a good asset for this design. The typeface has a wide range of ligatures that enhance movement and fluidity in text making look text alive.