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By Letterjuice

Pilar Cano

Quars is a text and display typeface family designed to work on magazines. However it is also suitable for books and even newspapers.

It has a strong personality with elegant, sharp and contemporary features. This typeface comes from several subtle influences, from the contrast of the Scotch Romans to the sharpness contemporary Dutch designers. Quars is crystal clear and neat, full of subtleties, its structure is covered in curves and accurate details which gives it its firm personality.

Its italic experiments with the boundries of italics themselves, with just 1 degree of slant Quars Italic accomplishes its purpose of highlighting pieces of text within its roman. This carefully thought inclination protects the uppercase from the usual distortion Italic caps suffer.

It offers a generous glyph set with many ligatures specially crafted for titling and ornaments based on anoymous metal types found in the drawers of an old printing workshop in a coast town near Barcelona.