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By LetterPerfect

Garrett Boge

Wendy™ is a script font with a very feminine and friendly handwritten style. The Wendy font was designed by type designer Garret Boge in 1995 and subsequently released by LetterPerfect. The three weights – light, medium and bold – lend versatility to the design.

Wendy was modeled on a 1960‘s informal script and was intended as a font that would embrace a more modern handwriting style. The cursive alphabet is very warm and amiable in appearance. Characters are designed as if originally written on unlined paper as they are not horizontally linear in relation to the baseline. This gives the lettering a sort of “bumpy road” appearance which helps convey a personal feel. Uppercase characters are non-connecting, making Wendy a logical choice for initial caps.

The Wendy font family would suit any application where a modern handwritten script style is required. Logical uses include greetings cards, brochures and children’s books.

Wendy, a scripted handwritten font is also specifically aimed as a display font making it potentially very useful for online marketing particularly where a personal touch is appropriate. This might include marketing testimonials, direct marketing pieces, or c pieces supporting products that require a softer or more informal touch such as baby products, household décor and fashion items.