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Avenir® Next Variable

By Linotype

The Avenir Next Variable Set font is a single font file that features three axes: Weight, Width and Italic. For your convenience, the Weight and Width axes have preset instances. The Weight axis has a range from Ultra Light to Heavy. The Width axis provides a range from condensed to regular width. The Italic axis is a switch between upright and italic.

Variable fonts act as a complete family of fonts in a single file. The new Variation font feature is supported by a growing number of desktop design applications, and more importantly by all the major web browsers. Variable fonts provide a variety of benefits to web and print designers and developers including flexible, responsive typography.

Avenir Next was designed by Adrian Frutiger in collaboration with Monotype Type Director Akira Kobayashi. It is an expanded reworking of the original font family and received considerable acclaim upon its publication. Avenir Next is a geometric sans design, with nuances of humanistic touches that help with legibility.

Geometric Sans
Sans Serif