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By Linotype

The productivity of the Berlingska Stilgjuteriet was made possible by the development of modern typeface art in Sweden in the 1950s. The typeface Berling was designed by Karl-Erik Forsberg for the Berlingska Stilgjuteriet in Lund. It belongs to the modern text typefaces and like most of these markedly shows the influece of the Neorenaissance. Berling Antiqua appeared in 1951 with a matching italic and by 1959, it was expanded to include five weights. Linotype offers Berling in four of them, roman and bold with their respective italics.

In 2004 the Swedish publisher Verbum commissioned a complete redesign of Berling for the 21st century. Linotype assisted the designers of this new typeface, which came to be called Berling Nova.
Old Style Serif